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Why Go for ColdBrewd?

Coffee is a HUGE deal for many people—it can make or break a day, which is why we take it very seriously. It isn’t just the process that we’ve refined to perfection, however, we’ve also made sure that our products are healthier and socially responsible.

Proudly Organic

We source our beans from small farms and growers to ensure that we support their efforts, and we only use fair trade and organic beans. These beans are then ground, steeped, and infused locally in NZ.

Proudly Healthier

There’s no added sugar, no artificial additives, just caffeine naturally drawn from the beans themselves and the cold brewing process they undergo.

Proudly Unique

The secret to cold brew is the 72-hour steeping of the coarsely ground organic coffee beans at 2 degrees temperature in water. We then infuse the concentrate with natural orange and vanilla flavour for a unique blend.
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