5 Pro Tips for Getting More Done In Your Work Day

Let's face it, there's always more we could do in our day!

But when the to-do list is a mile long and we're struggling to keep on top of things, having a few productivity hacks up our sleeves is always gonna help.

At BREW'D, we all work 'full time' jobs on top of what we do here. And there are never enough hours in the day for us, so we get it.

Combined, we have many years of experience running businesses and staff, and we've tried many things to optimise our work time to try and get more done. What we've discovered is there isn't one way that works all the time and for everyone. So we've picked our top 5 to share with you, in the hopes one will work for you.

Here's 5 Pro Tips For Getting More Done In Your Work Day:

1. Plan Your Day, or Week, Ahead of Time

Have you ever sat down at your desk, ready to start the day and hit a wall? You sit there asking yourself questions like, 'what do I need to do first?' or 'where should I start?' If you want to hit the ground running and get more done in your work day, try planning your day ahead of time. Or plan your week ahead of time if you know that doing this daily won't work for you. 

Perhaps Sunday night you sit down for 30 minutes and plan your week ahead. Or each night before you start your bedtime routine, you take 15 minutes to go over your to-do list for the next day and put a plan together. 

Imagine the time you're going to save yourself by having a plan!

2. What's Important vs. What's Urgent

This one is HUGE! We can easily fill our days with to-do lists but if the stuff we're doing is just time-wasting filler stuff, there's no way we're going to get more done in our work days.

This video ^ explains this idea and how you can use the Eisenhower Matrix to figure out what's important and what's urgent. It really is a great tool you can use to prioritise your time and perhaps something to utilise when you're planning your day ahead of time.

3. Try the Pomodoro Technique

Once you get into something, a task or project, it's easy to keep going at it for hours on end . . . pushing ourselves to get it done. Most of the time we run out of oomph, inspiration or our energy just gets stagnant.

Sometimes, it's a better use of our time and energy to have concentrated periods of focus with short breaks in-between.

It takes time to get used to working with the Pomodoro technique but try it for yourself. There's apps and online timers that you can use that will make it easy for you to give it a go.

Pomofocus is an online timer you can use straight away!

And BREW'D is the perfect break partner. If you haven't tried our cold brew coffee-in-a-can, check out our taster packs. 

4. Have Only 3 - 5 Things On Your Daily To-Do List

It's SO EASY to keep adding things to your list but for some, this is so overwhelming that it stops us from getting started.


What if you reduced your daily to-do list to just 3-5 things? Imagine how productive you'd feel at the end of each day with a completed to-do list. And let's be real, 3-5 to-do's feels a whole lot more realistic than seeing a list of everything we've ever thought we must do.

5. Listen to Productive Music

Once you've got your daily plan of 3-5 important and urgent tasks, set up your timer, pop in your headphones and get stuck in!


Music is a great tool for maintaining focus and/or if you work with others, it's great for blocking out the chatter or noise around you. Apparently some music is even scientifically proven to improve your concentration. 

No doubt Spotify has some great playlists you can tap into or make your own.

Here's a few Spotify ones you might like to try:

Classical for Productivity

Deep Focus

Nature Sounds


What's your top tip for getting more done in your day?

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